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Welcome to Cefnfab's website. The aim is to introduce myself, through various aspects of my life, such as my work, interest in Welsh culture and what influenced it.

From the time I was a Bevin Boy at the coal mine, through to my continued success in Welsh eisteddfodau, entertaining South Wales’ club-land, my two marriages, seeking education as a mature student, my role as a teacher / lecturer and touring the world with my one man show - Wales, the Whole Year, Through the Eyes of Dylan Thomas … it’s all here.


This site is not merely for the sole purpose of introducing myself, but also in order for the people of the world to be made more aware of Wales’ rich culture and its customs. In sharing such information with others it can only place the interest of Wales on a high pedestal. The language itself is no obstacle when evaluating Welsh culture in its pure original form, but rather a contribution towards its appreciation. People who do not understand a word of Welsh are very often mesmerised by being in the environment of an Eisteddfod. It is equally important for Welsh speakers to be tolerant to non-Welsh speaking members of the audience by explaining the procedure of various events, thus, in so doing it will encourage such people to learn the language. It is advisable for anyone who is in the vicinity of a Welsh cultural proceeding to attend that gathering, for they need your support as much as you might need theirs.

The spirit of the latter words of introduction can hopefully be expressed within the various sections of this website.

I hope you enjoy the Cefnfab experience!

Winning the Tregaron Chair, September 2005



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