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Here is a video of Cefnfab performing one of Dylan Thomas' most famous poems, - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. (3.96Mb) Do Not Go Gentle
People and Places of Wales Next, two excerpts (2.57Mb) - the first from And Death Shall Have No Dominion, followed by the final verse of Lament . These are taken from the programme People and Places of Wales and were shot in Dylan's beloved Laugharne
This (7.13Mb) is the programme that won the video competition in the 1992 National Eisteddfod of Wales. It deals with the scourge of open cast mining and its effects on communities.  Learn how the French Revolution influenced Welsh culture and listen to an extract from Buchedd Garmon by Saunders Lewis Cymru a'i Phobl
Euros Jones Evans Euros Jones Evans paying tribute (1.33Mb) at the launch of the book Hunaniaeth Gymreig/Welsh Identity - 'no one can recite Dylan Thomas like Graham can ... somebody who deserves to be honored by the National Eisteddfod of Wales'
A sound file (5.91Mb) of all the speeches from the launch on 15/06/04 Cake
Milltir Sqwar This (3.3Mb) is a rare programme depicting Laugharne, because it presents Dylan Thomas' life in his revered square mile (milltir sgwr) through the medium of the Welsh language
A sound recording of Cefnfab differentiating the mannerisms of the Welsh and the English (3.08Mb) whilst heralding the miners' cause during their 1984-85 strike, and accompanied by the South Wales' Miners' Choir Shoulder to Shoulder
Court Royal, Bournemouth Here (450Kb) is the opening title sequence of a video tribute to the miners of South Wales. Featuring home movies, captivating the working classes' continual struggle against the bourgeoisie of society. A male voice choir sets the mood

The video includes Victor Spinetti, Britt Ekland and Su Pollard, stars of stage and screen, who can be seen enjoying themselves at Court Royal, Bournemouth, the convalescent home for South Wales miners

Enjoy a taste of traditional Noson Lawen and the open air ceremony at the 1998 National Eisteddfod of Wales in Bridgend, where Sister Margaret Jones of Court Royal was accepted as a member of the Welsh Gorsedd of Bards
This (3.55Mb) is one of Spingfield Productions' "Discovery" series, in which you can hear Cefnfab narrate at the video's conclusion Rhayader and the Elan Valley video
Cefnafab in HTV's "The Snow Spider" In 1988 Cefnfab appeared in HTV's "The Snow Spider". Here (433Kb) is a brief extract
Cefnfab being accepted in to the Welsh Gorsedd (5Mb) of Bards at Swansea's National Eisteddfod in 2006 Gorsedd 2006
Wedi 3 2007 - Love Story Cefnfab's true love (4.37Mb) story
A vision of Cefnfab (1.35Mb) that the eisteddfod world has never seen or heard Poem in October
Discover the several faces (9.79Mb) of Cefnfab as he takes a train ride up one of the Welsh valleys in the company of an 'Englishman'


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